Financial Due Diligence

Have the confidence and relevant information required to make
forward-thinking financial decisions.


Let us take the guess work out of your business investment or partnership prospects

Financial Due Diligence is an essential process when considering any investment or business deal. Without due diligence, you may be unable to Identify and understand the risks correctly. Our systematic process helps ensure you have the financial insight to avoid misinformed acquisitions.

Our experienced due diligence experts conduct an in-depth analysis to ensure the target investment is financially sound. We evaluate the risks accurately and gather the critical information you need to take forward-thinking financial decisions.

To ensure you are confident with your decisions, we focus on:

- Cash flows/ Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA)
- Appropriate accounting policies
- Historical revenue and cost trends
- Consistency between historical results, versus budget and forecast
- Historical and anticipated capital expenditure levels
- Quality of assets and working capital
- Debt and debt-like items
- Contracts
- Taxes
- Other specialists on your team

How does it work?

Our fixed pricing options are here to assure you. Know the cost of the service upfront.

Take the step towards building a lasting business relationship with a package best suited towards your needs.

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How does it work?

Our aim is to make the complex, simple and accessible. Our no tie-in flexible pricing strategy does just that. 

Take advantage of our expert knowledge and specialist services with pricing options that give you maximum flexibility and control.

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We help businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs around the world achieve sustainable financial growth. We would love to help you too.